Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Am Not A Stranger There Anymore

A dear friend of mine, Vivian West, wrote this poem.  The title of this poem came to Vivian during a discussion we were having.  I had just said that what I wanted most in this world since my son died was to be connected with the "other side."  Vivian said that a part of me is on the other side, that a part of me followed Graham to Heaven, that I am not a stranger there.  As soon as Vivian said these words, she felt they were a message for me.  A few days later she wrote this poem.  She says that she takes no ownership of this poem.  She knows that my son was the one who gave her the words for me.  Vivian writes poetry too, but this poem is not written in her style.  This poem is in my style of writing.  I believe this was a beautiful way that Graham used to validate the discussion Vivian and I were having.  This is so amazing and comforting to me. There is no greater power than love.

When you left this life for the other side,
There was so much in me that also died,
My heart followed you to Heaven’s door,
I am not a stranger there anymore.

I look for you in every evening sky,
Wondering how it looks to you from on high,
Dance with me among the stars galore,
I am not a stranger there anymore.

Staying connected to you with the passing of time,
My soul understands life’s rhythm and rhyme,
Bonded by love to the child I bore,
I am not a stranger there anymore.

When the journey is over and the time is ours,
And we meet together in a meadow of flowers,
Surrounded by glory never seen before,
I will not be a stranger there anymore.

Vivian West

For Claire Ann Stevenson
Thank you, Graham.

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Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog. I am sorry for your loss. Your son had a wonderful smile. I have lost two boyfriends in the last four years and my heart is overcome with grief, but your blog is very special and I wanted to tell you. God Bless. c.l.s.

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