Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spirit Essence

A few weeks ago we had this lovely water garden constructed in a very special area of our backyard.  Graham was the one who originally made this area into a garden for us, laying down weed cloth and gravel and planting some of the bushes and flowers - this earlier post shows him at work -  Four months after doing this he died in a tragic accident.  This area then became his memorial garden.

When the water garden was finished, we were taking pictures of it and this one had a glowing white and orange form for which we have no "normal" explanation.  There was nothing reflective in that area, no light source there, and the sky was overcast so it couldn't be lens flare.  I believe that it is pure energy, my son's spirit essence.  Graham shows us in many different ways that death does not end our relationship with loved ones.  Our loved ones in spirit remain with us always, because love and spirit never die.

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