Thursday, August 16, 2012


When we cross over after we die,
There’s a celebration on the other side,
Do not cry when earthly life is done,
We are back home, moving to a higher rung.

The soul is eternal, we never end,
And we will all be together again,
Our loved ones cheer our return,
Rejoicing with us in what we have learned.

Our concept of time is limited while here,
We only think it’s linear,
There is no measurement for time,
In the universe’s eternal rhyme.

Give me the enlightenment to see,
That all is as it’s meant to be,
Time can seem to move too fast or too slow,
But with a spiritual perspective we come to know.

That whether life is short or long,
We are where we belong,
Playing out the plans of our soul,
On the path to becoming whole.

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