Saturday, September 22, 2012

Five Year Angelversary

Five years ago today life as I knew it changed forever with the sudden passing from this earthly life of my precious son, Graham. He lives with me now in a different way. I miss his physical presence more than I could ever say, but he is
always with me. I treasure every moment we had together while he was here. I am so grateful to have been his mother and for the eternal loving bonds that we share. Graham continues to teach me many things. Love never dies.

Angelis - "Even Though You Are Gone"


Our son, you will be forever young,
A handsome man with a heart of gold,
Never having to grow old,
Eternally twenty-two,
To all who knew you.

A loving son and remarkable young man,
Even within your short life span,
You had an amazing mind and tremendous drive,
The power to succeed and thrive,
A visionary artist with a great sense of style,
And the most beautiful smile.

For every wonderful year that we had,
In the joy of being your mom and dad,
For all the love that we knew,
We honor and thank you.

Copyright © C.A. Stevenson 2009

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