Monday, September 10, 2012

Signs While Driving

My husband and I were out driving recently.  When we were stopped at a light I noticed a pick up truck in front of us because the model was a Dodge Ram Big Horn.  In addition to the Dodge Ram logo it had a silhouette of a ram on the back because it was a Big Horn model (see the picture).  My son, Graham, was an Aries, and the astrological sign for Aries is a ram.   I was looking at the truck and wondering about this possibly being a sign from Graham. When I was speculating about this to my husband he said there was another Big Horn truck in the left lane a couple of cars ahead.  At that moment Chris Daughtry's song "I'm Going Home" came on our car radio (here's the song on YouTube with lyrics -  This is a special song to me. I have it on my playlist of songs for Graham.  I believe that Graham was making sure that we knew these were signs from him with this further validation.  Our loved ones in spirit show us in so many different ways that they are truly always with us.

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