Saturday, November 24, 2012

He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee

I have a strong spiritual belief, but am not a religious person in a traditional sense.  Last Sunday my husband and I spent the weekend with my daughter.  Our little one year old granddaughter was going to be baptized during their Sunday church service.   I was surprised when I saw what the sermon was going to be.  The story of Abraham and his son Isaac, a story of faith and sacrifice from the bible.  You may remember that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his greatest treasure, his only son, when he was asked to by God.  The odd thing about this was that I had been discussing this biblical story with my husband a week or two before this and finding it very difficult to understand.  There were many times during the service that I had tears streaming down my face.  I identified so strongly with this.

On our return trip home my husband and I stopped to buy some lattes for the road.  As we were walking to the store I noticed a license plate on a car that read "PSALM91".  I didn't know what psalm that was, but I made a note to look it up when we got home. There was another car just two spaces away with a license plate that read "BJOYFUL".  About half an hour later as we were driving home I saw a license plate that had letters that was an abbreviation of "trust in him," but I don't remember exactly how they abbreviated it.  

That was three different biblical/spiritual references within an hour of each other after that church service. I knew they were messages. When we arrived home I looked up Psalm 91 (   It is a prayer of protection.  The part I was familiar with is this:  "For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."  I have been thinking about these things this past week, and was further amazed yesterday when I saw a post by a facebook friend early in the day about psalm 91! To top that off, another facebook friend had posted about psalm 91 later in the day!  What are the odds?

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