Thursday, November 8, 2012

Signs and messages

The past few days have been filled with signs and messages. I'd like to share them to show the many different ways that we can receive messages. It would be easy to rationalize away some signs. They are so often small things. I think we tend to feel that signs will come in some big way. Sometimes they do. We have to let our minds get out of the way and accept what we intuitively understand. I have been learning over time to be more conscious of the world of spirit and the way the universe speaks to us.
Monday night while I was in bed my motion activated alarm in my basement that gives a doorbell ring in my bedroom went off three different times by the time I got up! Each time it did three doorbell rings - ding dong, ding dong, ding dong. Usually when the alarm goes off it only happens once in the wee hours of the morning. There has never been anyone in the basement. We know it is my son staying in touch! :)
Yesterday while I was driving I saw a van that said "ANGEL RIDES" on the side. A little further I saw a big commercial truck with graphics and the words "ALMOST HEAVEN". When I got home I opened a Lenox Holiday catalog that came in the mail. On the very first page there was a Christmas ornament of a dove with the word GRACE on it! Three different heavenly things within a half hours time. I don't believe they were coincidental.
A couple of hours later I was listening to an internet radio show on blog talk radio.  I was signed into the chat room.  I was so surprised when Pamela said that she had a message for me from my son!   Once a month she devotes her show to messages from Heaven.  Here is a link to her show.
 After that I had a Metaphysical meet-up group meeting. The topic was mediumship. When I was leaving the building to come home I heard a song drifting up from the lower level. It was "I'm Already There" by Lonestar! It was a wonderful way to have the day end.   I put a link to it below - enjoy listening to this song.

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