Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Annual Memory Walk, Picnic, and Balloon Release

Two weeks ago our local chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA had their annual Memory Walk, Picnic, and Balloon Release. My husband and I attended. It's always a very meaningful time. No words need to be said with other bereaved parents. Our hearts are connected in shared love and sorrow.  It means so much to have these special events to honor and remember our precious children. I read my Balloons of Love poem for the balloon release and our messages to heaven. I included a balloon for the children in spirit of the members of the facebook group I work with, Signs From Our Loved Ones.
Balloons of Love
Today under a clear blue sky,
Wiping tears from our eyes,
We will release our balloons,
Commemorating lives gone too soon.
On wings of love we set them free,
For our angel children to see,
Floating through space and time,
Past the staircase we wish we could climb.
A symbolic gesture that helps us heal,
From the sorrow that we feel,
Another means for us to say,
They live in our hearts every day.
Balloons filled with laughter, balloons filled with tears,
Balloons filled with memories for the time they were here,
Dancing in the sunlight on currents of air,
Brimming with thanks for all that we shared.
We imagine our children on the other side,
Catching the balloons as they glide,
Red and yellow, purple and gold,
They know which balloon is theirs to hold.
We know they are happy, they are dancing now too,
And we want to celebrate all that we knew,
Forever our daughters, forever our sons,
Only temporarily parted, our precious ones.


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