Friday, January 17, 2014

Song Messages

A couple of days ago I was driving home after my yoga class.  I was listening to the radio in my car.  The wonderful Led Zeppelin song, "Stairway To Heaven" played.  I was thinking about that song and wondering if it could be a message.  I then noticed a parked business van that had a graphic on the back of it that read, "Heaven Scent."  I thought that was really curious because I saw it right after listening to "Stairway To Heaven."  As I was thinking about this the very next song that came on the radio was another Led Zeppelin song, "All of  My Love."  By then, this seemed to be way beyond coincidental.  I believe that my dear Graham was sending me beautiful messages of love. 
This incredible painting of Graham was painted by the spiritual artist, Linda Vugler.  You can see why the song, "Stairway To Heaven,"  has particular significance for me.  This is the highway bridge beside a river that Graham was crossing when he accidentally fell.  Linda has turned this bridge into a stairway to heaven. 

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