Friday, August 15, 2014

Messages of Comfort

I have been feeling a little sad this week.  I know my son is doing his best to comfort me with his signs and messages.  I am so grateful.  The signs and messages help so much.  They are validations of Graham's continuing presence and love that soothe my grieving heart.

This morning as I was driving a van caught my eye because it had a graphic that read MONARCH POOL SERVICES and had two orange butterflies on it.  At that same time the John Lennon song, We All Shine On, played on my car radio.  I have that song on my iTunes play list.  A few minutes later a favorite message song of mine played, I Will Wait, By Mumford and Sons.  When I was doing my grocery shopping, I heard the Evanescence song, My Immortal, play in the store.  This hauntingly beautiful song has great meaning to me too, and is also on my play list.  

When I was driving home I saw a car with a heart decal in the back window.  I managed to take a picture of it.  A little while later I saw another car with a wonderful message - Angel Rides!  Hearts, love, light, immortality, butterflies, transformation, and angels.  Thank you, my sweet boy.  I hear your messages and see your signs.  I love you too.  Understanding that you are still here is my greatest comfort.  Love is always and forever. 

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