Sunday, July 19, 2015

Swan Symbolism

My Beautiful Soul's photo.I have a friend who shared this lovely image with me last night. She said that my relationship with my angel son, Graham, reminds her of swans, and did I know how loyal swans are to each other. I knew that swans mated for life, but I didn't know some of their other significance. I did a google search and found this link that had some fascinating information about swan symbolism.… One of the interesting things I learned was that in Celtic tradition the swan represents the soul, our eternal essence. My ancestry is all British Isles so this appealed to me.
The funny thing is my husband had been looking through our kitchen drawers a few days ago searching for something. He pulled out a small carved wooden swan that was in one of the drawers and asked why that was there. I said that someone had given it to me years ago and I didn't know what to do with it so I had stuck it in a drawer and forgotten about it. It's still on my kitchen counter. The synchronicity of this made me realize that this was a message.

Today a special friend was visiting. We went to an Irish pub for lunch in historic downtown Fredericksburg. Afterwards we went into an Irish shop nearby. I was looking at the Celtic jewelry in a display case and was amazed when I noticed a necklace that appeared to be swans! I asked the saleswoman if it was swans and could I look at it. I have never seen jewelry with swans before. She said they were swans. I knew that was another sign and felt that I should buy it. When I was paying for the necklace the saleswoman started rubbing her hands together and said someone must be talking about her because her palms were tingling. I looked at her and said, I know why your hands are tingling. I showed her a picture of my son and told her that he had passed and that the swans were a sign from him. What a profound moment. We all just looked at each other and marveled in the significance of it all.

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