Sunday, December 13, 2015

Worldwide Candle Lighting 2015

I am getting ready for The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting, which will be tonight (Sunday) at 7:00 pm your local time.  I've copied information about the event below my poem, which I wrote for this beautiful memorial event several years ago.  I was honored to have The Compassionate Friends publish it in their national magazine, "We Need Not Walk Alone."  The special candle I have (in the picture below) has the words to Alan Pedersen's beautiful song, "Tonight I Hold This Candle."   Alan is now the Executive Director of The Compassionate Friends. 

Worldwide Candle Lighting

All of our lost children, young and old,
We gather now and gently hold,
Remembering with our every breath,
That love never ends, not even in death.

A heartbroken group of fathers and mothers,
With a sorrow unimaginable to others,
Struggling to overcome the most devastating blow,
Bonded in grief we never thought to know.

With each candle that we light,
We feel our children’s spirits burning bright,
 Every beloved child’s face we see,
Forever in our memory.

In the candles’ golden glow,
Even though our tears still flow,
We cherish every moment we had with you,
Though the days were far too few.

 We love you now, we’ll love you forever,
As your parents we will always treasure,
The blessing of our daughters and sons,
Our dearly loved, precious ones.

Copyright © C.A. Stevenson 2010

The Compassionate Friends/USA

Please join us this Sunday, December 13 for the 19th Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting in memory of all children gone too soon. For full information including services around the globe, visit: If there is not a service near you, or you would rather not attend a service, just light a candle for an hour wherever you are with friends, family, or in quiet solitude.

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