Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feather Synchronicities

This afternoon I made a quick trip to a Hallmark store to buy a thank you card. When I walked in the store I immediately noticed the young sales woman at the counter because of the colorful feather shawl she was wearing. I told her she was my feather sign for today. We started talking and when I told her that feathers symbolize our connection between heaven and earth she said she didn't know that and she had goosebumps! I then asked her if she knew why we get goosebumps and that they are validations from spirit. I told her about the special Facebook group, Signs From Our Loved Ones, that I work with, and asked her if I could take a picture of her to share with the group. She was happy to agree.

Her sister is also a sales person at this store and all three of us were talking. What I didn't know until talking further was that these two sisters had lost their father five months ago to cancer. He knew he was dying and had talked with them about a dream catcher and how they could use one as a symbol with every feather representing a family member. They also said they had looked at one of the Hallmark books a little earlier and the page it opened to at random had feathers on it! I told them that one of them wearing the feather shawl today, the book opening to a feather page, and my coming in the store and remarking upon her feather shawl were no coincidences. None of this was random. This is how spirit works. Love knows no boundaries. We are all connected here and on the other side. Love never ends. Love and blessings to us all.

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