Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Different World

We’ve lived in our house four and a half years,
But it feels as if I just moved here,
I wonder why it doesn’t seem so long,
And realize it’s because you are gone.

Two years ago you passed away,
In some ways time seems to have stopped that day,
If only your death weren’t true,
And life could be the way we knew.

It feels as if I am waiting,
That I am anticipating,
Your return from parts unknown,
That you will soon be coming home.

It’s like a movie, how can this be?
I want to deny the reality,
And see you walking in the door,
Home to visit us once more.

My tears still fall every day,
I never imagined my world this way,
I’ll miss you until the day I die,
When there’ll be no more need to cry.

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