Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Greater Story

Who would know that you would fall,
To be taken from us all,
You had much more life to live,
Artistic talent to create and give.

You wanted to be the best,
And you stood out from the rest,
Single-mindedly you pursued,
All the ideas that came to you.

Dedicated, a visionary, an artist,
You always worked your hardest,
To share the pictures in your mind,
With the rest of mankind.

Maybe here your work was done,
The plan must be a bigger one,
And on greater tides of glory,
You continue to write your story.

Weave your magic once again,
Continue to send messages and love our way,
To remind us every day,
Though your body died,
You are still alive,
Working from the other side,
To help us to see glimpses of eternity.

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