Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phone Calls From Heaven

To turn on our phone we need to pick it up and press the on button.  When the phone is on, the screen lights up blue.  Sometimes, when I happen to look at the phone, for about 10 seconds it will be turned on and lit up sitting in its base without anyone having touched it - I don't believe that phones usually turn themselves on!  One of the things I have missed the most are the phone calls from Graham.  We used to talk almost every day.  I realized after this happened a number of times that this could be a way that Graham communicates with us, letting us know that he's keeping in touch.  That's why this sign is so especially meaningful to me.

When the kitchen phone lights up in its base,
You can see the joy on my face,
When I see the screen turn blue,
I know it’s you coming through.

It’s one of your signs that I love most of all,
Because I miss your telephone calls,
Thank you for checking in to say,
Hi mom, I didn’t really go away.

I still want you to know,
That I will always love you so,
And I am forever by your side,
Let my love be your guide.

It’s not the same, but I’m still here,
Feel my presence ever near,
With the love that we knew,
Know that I am still calling you.

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strokeofliving said...

How wonderful would it be if Graham was actually calling to let you know that all is well in the afterlife.

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