Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Never Ends

Do you remember when,
You'd speculate about life's end,
Not sure if the soul went on,
When the body was gone?

Ironic, now to me,
When you are no longer on the earth to see,
All the signs that you give,
To let us know the soul still lives.

Thank you for the proof you're sharing,
For all your love and caring,
To help us in our despair,
To become more spiritually aware.

Although in a different dimension,
We can still have connection,
It’s not the way I want it to be,
I wish you were here physically.

But I am working hard each day,
To accept my life in this different way,
As I walk this lonely road,
You help relieve my heavy load.

You give me strength so that I can see,
Your love and Heaven’s guiding me,
Repairing my heart so that I may mend,
By showing me that love never ends.


strokeofliving said...

Clair Ann,

Although Graham was an adult and on his own[I think], I'm amazed about all of the fantastic photos you have of him [close ups, intimate shots]. They all seem to be recent.

Loraine Ritchey said...

Dear Claire
I walk in your footsteps, my son died three months ago today March 3rd 2010 .complications of H1N1 and Hodgkin's Lymphma ( yeah I know the "curable not so curable cancer) I found your site today - I think I was guided here :) my son was a graphic designer and your road has many of the same signposts as mine ..thanks you for your poems Loraine

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