Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grains of Sand

I watched you suffer, and I suffered too,
Growing up was so hard for you,
A vulnerable, sensitive boy,
Life was difficult for you to enjoy.

I did my very best,
To help you find happiness,
You worked hard and were doing well,
So many ideas for you to tell.

I admired your determination,
Your strength of will and dedication,
You persevered and made great strides,
Fighting against life’s tides.

I thought that as your mother,
We would always be together,
Loving and encouraging you,
In everything you wanted to do.

An upside down world for you to die before me,
Six months shy of twenty-three,
Just when you were about to go out on your own,
To realize the seeds you’d sown.

You were only passing through,
Twenty-two years was all we knew,
Like little grains of sand,
Time slid through my hand.

I can not yet fully grasp,
What from me has been asked,
How do I let you go,
When you are part of my very soul?

I search for strength from my inner core,
To be happy and filled with joy once more,
Because the love that ran so deep,
Is forever ours to keep.

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