Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Broken-Hearted

We are the broken-hearted parents,
Who struggle every day,
Weighted down with sorrow,
For our children who have passed away.

Weary travelers joining many others,
Who are also on this road,
None of us ever imagined,
We’d be carrying this heavy load.

The road is long and filled with anguish,
Flowing with all of our tears,
And the pieces of the dreams we’d envisioned,
With our children through the years.

In a club no one wants to join,
Screaming silently all the way,
We can’t believe how our lives have changed,
And the price we have to pay.

Sometimes we wish we could cross over,
That we too could die,
The pain is almost unbearable,
And all we do is cry.

We listen for our children’s voices,
And feel so terribly alone,
It’s unimaginable living without them,
We just want our children home.

If only it were possible,
There’s nothing that we wouldn’t do,
To be together once again,
Would be a dream come true.

We know they’re happy in Heaven,
Waiting for us to come,
The only consolation,
Until our time here is done.

We may not have the answers,
Or understand the plan,
But we are very thankful,
To have held their precious hands.

We’re separated physically,
In that way we’re apart,
But in all other ways still connected,
Forever within our hearts.

We cherish every moment,
And are grateful through our tears,
To have known the love of our children,
And for the time that they were here.

To have been their parents is a blessing,
And though our hearts are torn,
 We hope to celebrate their memory,
And not forever mourn.

The love we had was priceless,
In it we rejoice,
And if we had the chance again,
We would make no other choice.


Anonymous said...

Claire that is absolutely beautiful!!

Sherry BurackerWiltshire said...


Pegasus88 said...

Thank u for this..simply beautiful..in memory my daughter Melissa...A Page for Missy on Facebook

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