Sunday, May 23, 2010

With Us in Spirit

     When we had a patio and a deck added to the back of our house, it left an open triangular area between the stairs from the deck and the patio.  We decided to put gravel in that area and plant some azalea bushes and flowers.  We wanted to put weed cloth down first to keep weeds from growing.  When Graham came home in May for the summer he cleared the area and put the weed cloth and gravel down for us.  That was such a big help.  Four months later Graham died.



     This area has now become a memory garden.  We found this beautiful fountain and a memorial plaque that we put there.   The fountain is inscribed with the line, "The earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal," which was partially the inspiration for my poem.  I cry every time I look at these pictures of my beautiful son working on the area that has become our remembrance garden.

Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal,
My soul longs for this to be real,
These are the words on a memorial fountain we bought,
And I meditate on them a lot.

The fountain is in our back yard,
Where you worked very hard,
Chopping down weeds,
And planting your trees.

Mowing the grass and digging holes,
For the plantings we wanted to grow,
You are everywhere that I gaze,
Remembrances of all that you gave.

A sanctuary of faith and love,
That you are such a part of,
A spiritual oasis that helps bring you near,
Because you are not physically here.

Who could imagine that you would be gone,
But your spirit is here and lives on,
As I sit on our lovely patio,
Watching the fountain water flow.

I think of the years we had together,
All of the moments we have to treasure,
Searching for inner peace,
With Heavenly grace to heal and ease.

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