Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Tree Afghan

     I ordered this afghan after Graham died.  It is another way of keeping him close.  I couldn't stand the feeling of separation.  It's comforting to have this on our sofa, and to wrap up in.  Family is forever.

Every day seated on my couch,
I wrap an afghan all about,
Upon the afghan a family tree,
With the names of my husband, daughter, son, and me.

The roots of the tree are the mother and father,
The branches hold our son and daughter,
Two generations, a family of four,
Nothing could ever mean any more.

Two years ago our son died,
After twenty-two years of him in our lives,
A day never passes without any tears,
Missing our son for the rest of our years.

The family tree is not the same,
There will be no continuation of our name,
How can our son be gone?
Everything now feels so wrong.

Moving through unimaginable pain,
I work on enjoying life again,
Comforted in my afghan of memories and love,
Grateful for the years we were all a part of.

The afghan helps me feel our son is close by,
And to remember that love never dies,
You cannot separate a branch from the tree,
Forever we will be family.

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