Monday, July 26, 2010


     After a couple of years trying to get a hummingbird picture at our feeder in the back yard, we finally had a good opportunity yesterday, and my husband got this shot when one flew to our hanging basket.  I thought it would be a perfect image for this poem.

Tiny hummingbird flying by,
A flash of color in the sky,
With the blurred beating of your little wings,
What is the message that you bring?

The beauty in life is what you remind us of,
And to appreciate the things we love,
To move forward, not looking back,
So we don’t focus on what we lack.

You also help us to feel joy inside,
Gratitude for being alive,
To savor each moment and to open our hearts,
Searching for the sweetness that life can impart.

What a beautiful winged messenger to see,
With wonderful symbology,
Thank you hummingbird, for showing us the way,
To find happiness in each new day.

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