Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A House of Broken Dreams

A house of boards and beams,
Built with so many hopes and dreams,
A family endeavor in which we all had our parts,
A vision so dear to our hearts.

Like waiting for a baby to come,
It took nine months until the house was done,
It was so exciting to wait for the day,
We could move in and stay.

For two and a half years we enjoyed the house,
Your presence is felt throughout,
But one morning as you waved good-bye,
So many of our dreams suddenly died.

It’s been several years now that you’ve been gone,
And the emptiness stretches on,
In a home now of broken dreams,
Nothing is as it seems.

We never know what the years will hold,
A child is more precious than gold,
When you died a part of us died too,
And everything changed from what we knew.

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