Friday, July 23, 2010

A Path Paved With Tears

Anyone who has lost a child can tell,
What it’s like to be in Hell,
Torment becomes a part of you,
A new familiar in all you do.

As we struggle through the years,
Our path is paved with many tears,
We pray that we will find relief,
From this pain of constant grief.

If we are lucky in our family and friends,
They share their love to help us mend,
But often focused on issues of their own,
They leave us feeling even more alone.

Most people do not reach out,
Not caring or thinking how they can help,
A simple I’m sorry, or I think about you,
Is more than they can manage to do.

Our children’s names are seldom spoken,
Which makes us even more heartbroken,
Because our children are not physically here,
Doesn’t make them any less dear.

We all need to think about love and sharing,
And ways to show compassion and caring,
A warm hug, or a caring smile,
Help make life feel more worthwhile.

If we learn to open our hearts,
Realizing we are all a part,
Of a common greater whole,
Love would nourish our souls.

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