Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If Only I Could See You

You are now a shining light,
Having walked through Heaven’s door,
Reassuring us you’re happy,
Returning to Spirit form once more.

I know my time is not done here,
And you cannot come home,
If I could just visit you each day,
I’d not feel so alone.

If I could climb God’s stairway,
I know where I would be,
Spending time with you again,
So contentedly.

I miss your physical presence,
Your handsome, precious face,
I want to hug and kiss you,
And feel your warm embrace.

There are a million I love you’s,
That I would like to say,
Along with all the thank you’s,
For every shared day.

I miss you more than ever,
Although you’re eternally in my heart,
If only I could see you,
It would ease my broken heart.

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