Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Across Dimensions

If mediums can talk to you,
I should be able to,
No one could be closer,
To you than your mother.

I long to consciously communicate,
No matter how long it will take,
I am working hard each day,
Searching to find the way.

If everything is energy,
Vibrating at different frequencies,
I know it’s possible to tune in,
The secret is to go within.

I now see the world with different eyes,
There is so much more to realize,
The here and now is much too small,
To ever be able to explain it all.

To see, touch, hear, taste, and smell,
Are all very well,
But there are other senses to uncover,
Intuition and psychic abilities to discover.

Looking for messages and signs,
Tuning in to the divine,
I know you watch and wait for me,
Until I am able to see.

What has always been right here,
When we move beyond our fear,
I am coming, it won’t be long,
The bond of love is much too strong.

To ever keep us far apart,
Because you beat within my heart,
Two hands reaching across dimensions,
With love and joy beyond comprehension.

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