Monday, March 14, 2011

The Little Things

Notice the little things in life each day,
Gratefully acknowledge and praise,
As your day is about to begin,
Focus on what matters and go within.

Take pleasure in being alive,
We are not meant just to survive,
Smile at the people you see,
Be as pleasant as you can be.

Do you know someone who is sad?
Be thoughtful and help them to feel glad,
Kind words and good deeds,
Mean so much when you’re in need.

Be a mentor, be a friend,
Help a broken heart to mend,
Move beyond yourself,
Reach out and be a help.

Thank God for blessings large and small,
With humble acceptance for them all,
In all hardships and terrible pain,
Strive to find the greater gain.

With Divine love and spiritual light,
Comfort and keep our spirits bright,
Fill our hearts with joy and love,
With heavenly blessings from above.

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