Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday That Won't Be

This picture was taken on Graham's 21st birthday.  He and our daughter, Laura, both came home to celebrate their birthdays together.  They were both born in March.  My parents came over too.  We all went out to a restaurant for dinner, then came back home for cake and ice cream.  It was a special, memorable day.  Little did we know that we would have only one more birthday with Graham.  We love you, Graham, and miss you more than we could ever say.  Happy birthday to you in Heaven.  Save a place for us.  

Twenty-six years ago today,
Was our son’s birthday,
The thirtieth of March in 1985,
Was the special day that he arrived.

What a day of wondrous joy,
To give birth to our precious boy,
We had a daughter and now a son,
What a feeling of perfection.

Almost four years ago our son passed away,
On a beautiful September day,
The moon was full, the stars were bright,
As he was walking enjoying the night.

A freak accident, in seconds he was dead,
What words can ever be said?
Twenty-two years full of adventure and life,
Were suddenly gone, as cut with a knife.

All the years of love and devotion,
Disappeared, like the tides in an ocean,
I am left floundering on the shore,
Wondering what I am here for.

Searching for answers, searching for peace,
Praying at some point this pain will cease,
Remembering a birthday that won’t be,
Is still unbelievable to me.

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