Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bigger Picture

If I live the average number of years,
Calculated while I am here,
I am already two-thirds through,
With what I came here to do.

It gives one pause upon reflection,
Because there’s so much to question,
Has the life you’ve lived so far,
Positively defined who you are?

Have you fulfilled your hopes and dreams?
Are you happy with what you’ve done and seen?
Have you tried your very best,
So in contentment you may rest?

We must pray for God’s love and light,
To help us to keep shining bright,
It’s easy to become disillusioned,
And to live in a state of confusion.

When life doesn’t go as you planned,
It’s so hard to understand,
You realize there’s so much we don’t know,
And that we really have little control.

The picture is much bigger than we can see,
In the plan of eternity,
There is no timeframe for a soul,
Only one consistent goal.

That is to experience, learn and grow,
So that we eventually come to know,
The sacred breath of life,
That unites us all in Heaven’s light.

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