Monday, May 23, 2011


This picture of Graham, me, and his grandmother (my mother) was taken at VCU's Spring Exhibition for the graphic arts majors.  Graham had several posters on display.
If home is where your heart is,
Then my home is far away,
Because my heart went with you,
The day you passed away.

In the kingdom of Heaven,
Is where my heart now resides,
Because it beats with yours forever,
With all the love I hold inside.

No one could love you more than I do,
Remember, I used to tell you so,
There is no stronger bond of love,
Than a mother and child can know.

I miss you here beside me,
The calls we made each day,
I would give anything,
To hear what you have to say.

Your funny observations,
Your serious, probing thoughts,
Your clever witticisms,
All are missed a lot.

The joy of seeing you marry,
To have children of your own,
Are no longer possible,
For you have gone back home.

I mourn your crossing over,
That it was your earthly time to die,
I know you are happy in Heaven,
But I still can’t help but cry.

You are flying freely now,
There is nothing to weigh you down,
In many ways you show me,
That you are still around.

I loved being your mother,
Thank you for being my son,
You are with me always,
Forever we are as one.

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