Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I'm blessed to be able to share this Mother's Day weekend with my mother and dad.
Count your blessings large and small,
Be thankful for them all,
A beautiful day, a note from a friend,
Your pet’s happy greeting, the list never ends.

The love of your family, a baby’s smile,
So many things make life worthwhile,
When at night you go to bed,
Make a list inside your head.

What did your day bring?
Think of any positive thing,
Let the shadows move and pass,
Dark clouds do not always last.

Look for the sun, for it will rise,
Let no negative visions obscure the eyes,
Ask for any Heavenly help,
To move beyond thoughts of self.

Cherish every happy memory and know,
That we are here to learn and grow,
And that if we walk each day in love,
All our needs will be taken care of.

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