Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bittersweet Christmas Memories

The holiday decorations are being packed away,
Awaiting another Christmas day,
All the special ornaments from our tree,
Are in boxes surrounding me.

Sometimes I look at an ornament and smile,
Other times I see one and cry for a while,
Remembering each Christmas through the years,
As I sit alone with my tears.

I see my children’s faces filled with joy,
Excited with receiving a wished for toy,
A large building set or a lovely doll,
So many treasured moments to recall.

The years went by and the children grew,
And our family’s happiness grew too,
The holidays spent with us all together,
Were times we thought we’d share forever.

Precious memories, beautiful and sweet,
Of the years when our family was complete,
Vie with emotions of loss and pain,
For the years that now remain.

Our twenty-two year old son suddenly passed,
Who knew this happiness wouldn’t last?
As Christmases come one by one,
There’s a vital link missing without our son.

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