Monday, January 16, 2012

An Uninvited Guest

Grief, an uninvited guest,
Came knocking at my door,
I was shocked when I was confronted,
With news I couldn’t ignore.

You must be horribly mistaken,
I wanted to say,
Surely it is somewhere else,
That you were going to stay.

Grief is not welcome here,
A guest I would never choose,
Incomprehensible to have a child,
To love and then to lose.

Your visit is beyond understanding,
You are not who I wanted to see,
I wish that I could lock the door,
And throw away the key.

You cannot come in here,
Go and leave me alone,
My son is the visitor,
That should be coming home.

My heart is breaking,
Please grief, just let me go,
This pain is almost unbearable,
More than I could ever think to know.

Uninvited and unwelcome,
Turn around and leave,
Why did you have to come,
And leave me here to grieve?

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