Friday, January 25, 2013

A Thousand Miles

I had a doctors appointment recently for a six month check up. While I was there I pointed out this big bump that had developed on my little finger.  The doctor said that it was a cyst and that he would drain it.  He went to get a big needle and some freezing spray.   I was wondering if it was going to be a painful procedure. While he was gone I decided to talk to my son on the "other side".  I asked Graham to be with me and that I hoped it wouldn't be too uncomfortable.  The next thing I knew I was hearing the song, "A Thousand Miles" play.   I posted that song on my facebook page just ten days ago!   I really like that song because I would (and will) do anything to see my son again.   I had to smile.  Graham was letting me know he was with me.  By the way, it wasn't painful at all having the cyst removed.  Here is the link to this great song, performed by Vanessa Carlton -
The boots on the right in this picture are my son's.  He loved these boots and was wearing them when he passed.  I recently bought a pair of boots that reminded me of his.  They are the boots on the left in this picture.  I feel that I am walking the path that Graham blazed before me.

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