Thursday, July 18, 2013

Part of All

Part of All

You are the sunlight shining during the day,
The brightness that illuminates my way,
And the moonlight’s glow throughout the night,
Gently guiding to morning’s light.

With winter’s snows or fresh spring flowers,
In every minute and every hour,
Or in a summer breeze or leaves of fall,
You are an eternal part of all.

My morning star and evening sky,
In all ways you remain close by,
Your love is surrounding and expanding me,
With new vision and horizons to see.

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Anonymous said...

Claire, Just entered into your calming world...Not yet having the sacred time it will take to inhale the beauty of your writing. But I now know this will be another step toward my peace. And also to learn a bit about your beautiful spirit, and what shattered your heart. You are a blessing to me...<3

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