Monday, July 1, 2013

Heart-Shaped Cloud

The other day my husband and I saw this heart-shaped cloud in the sky from our backyard deck.  We took a picture of it to share with a facebook group I am a part of,  I was thinking that it would be great if I could write a poem about it too.  Members often post photographs of heart shaped clouds they see.  We feel they are one of the ways our loved ones in spirit send us a message of love.  I am pleased to say that I did write a poem. From my heart to yours. <3 br="">

A Love Filled Heart

A heart shaped cloud, brilliantly white,
Came into my line of sight,
While gazing up at a clear blue sky,
There it was drifting by.

A heaven sent sign, a love filled heart,
Closing the distance since we had to part,
Letting me know that you are still here,
A beautiful sign to help feel you near.

A message in the sky given to me,
Because we are connected eternally,
Love is forever, love never ends,
Thank you for the hearts you send.

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