Friday, September 13, 2013

I Feel the Strength of Your Love

Many of you know how meaningful the word "always" is to me. That is what my personalized license plate reads.   I have also written a few poems with the understanding in my heart that love is always and forever.  Today I was in a store and happened to walk by a display of Willow Tree figurines.   I stopped to look at them and saw one I hadn't seen before.  It brought tears to my eyes.  It is called "Always," and underneath that it says "I feel the strength of your love."   I of course brought it home with me.   The picture with this post is this special figurine.   A beautiful message of love and comfort to find today.  Thank you, Graham, my sweet angel boy.
Always Near

Every day I feel you near,
Your spirit and energy are still here,
Because I don’t see you physically,
Doesn’t mean you cease to be.

In my life you will always stay,
Nothing can take your presence away,
Grateful for every moment we had together,
Comforted in knowing our love is forever.

I work to not dwell in the past,
Because the blessing of you will forever last,
To bring that forward to the now,
Is what I strive to accomplish somehow.

I am doing the best that I can,
I pray that Spirit understands,
The mourning process is long and slow,
My child’s death not a grief I thought to know.

So many emotions to process and release,
On the road to finding peace,
Thank you for the signs you’ve shown,
To help me not feel so alone.

Knowing you are part of a divine team,
Always present, but not necessarily seen,
Gives me strength to journey on,
When I feel all joy is gone.

Bless you angels, bless you guides,
Thank you loved ones on the other side,
I feel the support and love from you,
With the deepest gratitude.

Heavenly solace for soul-deep pain,
Divine love for me to gain,
Open my heart so that I may receive,
The gift of grace to heal and believe.

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