Saturday, September 14, 2013

Your Love Is a Song

I just recently found this beautiful song - "Your Love Is a Song," by Switchfoot:
This song reminds me of my "Music of the Soul" poem:

Music of the Soul

We cry for ourselves, not loved ones gone,
They are happy in the great beyond,
No more burdens, heartache or stress,
They live in a state of pure happiness.

It’s those of us left behind,
Who struggle with the concept of time,
On this planet of pain and tears,
Learning and growing through the years.

What a blessing you were to me,
Like a magnificent symphony,
With haunting passages of turbulent lows,
Mixed with brilliant crescendos.

Across the pages lines of notes play,
But then abruptly go away,
A symphony of the story of you,
My wonderful son of twenty-two.

What movement would be playing now,
If you were still here somehow?
A work of such hope and promise,
With so much more to accomplish.

My darling son,
Your earthly work must have been done,
You are now a more brilliant light,
Just beyond earthly sight.

Composing more passages on another plane,
With knowledge earned through joy and pain,
The music of your soul will always flow,
In our hearts, this we know.

Listening with our inner ear,
The melody is very clear,
We will strive to overcome our sorrow,
In God’s promise of a joyous tomorrow.

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