Saturday, September 21, 2013

XO 22 OX

I felt that I received several little signs yesterday.  The first one was hearing the song "Home" by Daughtry on my car radio this morning as I was driving.  I have that song on my iTunes play list. It makes me think of my son, Graham.   Later, when I was driving home I saw an unusual license plate. It read "XO 22 OX."  Kisses and hugs, and 22!  My son was 22 years old when he passed, and he passed on the 22nd of September, two days from now.  I made myself a latte that afternoon. I drank it and set the cup aside.  A little later I went to rinse it out and stopped before I did because I noticed the pattern in the residue at the bottom of the cup.  It looks like two hearts with a dove above them to me.  Love and peace. Comforting messages during this difficult month.  Love transcends space and time. Here is a picture and also a link to this special song.

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