Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Shadow

I like to listen to a once-a-month blog talk radio show called Messages of Love From Heaven.  It's on the first week of each month as a part of a weekly show, Bridge Between Two Worlds.  My friend, Pamela Marie Edmunds, is the host.  Pamela gives readings to callers from their loved ones in spirit on this show.  Pamela posted about her upcoming show on a facebook group we both belong to, Guy Dusseault's Signs From Our Loved Ones.  I commented that I would be listening, and Pamela replied that she felt that Graham would be joining us too.  I replied that I hoped so!  She then said that Graham is as much a regular to the show as I am, that he is my shadow. 

I was really amazed the next day to see this beautiful post by Aarti Khurana ( on my facebook news feed.  It spoke to my heart -

One day my body will turn to ashes and dust but my love for you will never die because I love you with my soul and my soul will live on and on till the end of time. I will be your shadow even when you can’t see me any more. The brightness of my soulful love will illuminate your life forever. I love you today, I will love you tomorrow and I will love you even I am gone….

Five days later Pamela and I were messaging back and forth on facebook about a phone session I was going to have with her the next day.  She said that she was hearing the lyrics to a song with the words "me and my shadow."  I was familiar with this old song.  I googled it immediately.  Here is the one I remembered with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. -
The definition of shadow is "the dark figure cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the rays from a source of light."  Pamela commented to me during our phone session that in order to have a shadow there must be a source of light.  We felt that had hugely significant meaning. 

This morning while I was meditating this poem came to me -

My Shadow

You are such a part of me,
Present in every breath I breathe,
Your physical loss has been hard to bear,
But I feel your love and care.

Like a shadow you are here,
Giving comfort through every tear,
My companion, support and friend,
With love on which I can always depend.

Never alone, your heart beats with mine,
Connected in love throughout all time,
My beloved shadow walking with me,
An aspect of light for me to see.

Copyright © C.A. Stevenson 2013

Thank you, Graham, for your many signs and messages.  You are indeed, my beloved shadow.

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