Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

My parents and my brother, Rob, came over on Wednesday to spend a few days with us over Thanksgiving.  My brother slept in my son's bedroom.  When my brother came down Thanksgiving morning he said he had something strange happen during the night.  His cell phone alarm went off at 3:00 AM.  He said that he knows that he didn't set his alarm, and that he never would have set it for 3:00 AM!  We believe it was Graham's heavenly hello on this special day. 

A little later my brother was standing by the kitchen window and noticed a big red cardinal in the butterfly bush we planted in Graham's loving memory.  I believe that may have been a sign too because of where the cardinal was and the meaning of cardinals.  My husband was able to take a picture of this lovely cardinal.  Here is a link to cardinal symbolism -

My daughter, Laura, and son-in-law and little granddaughter joined us on Thanksgiving Day.  We were so happy that we could all be together for a few days.  The day after Thanksgiving my husband and I were viewing some of the pictures that were taken.  We were so delighted when we saw this picture that I took of the guys.  It is my father, my husband, my brother, and my son-in-law with the turkey.  There is an orb on my husband's shirt!  It's where his heart is.  What a fantastically meaningful sign.  Graham was letting us know that he was with the guys too!  It made me cry.  Love is truly always and forever.  We never lose our soul connection with our loved ones in spirit.  They are still with us.  Thank you, Graham.  We love you so much. 

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