Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day Message of Love

I had a wonderful sign/message today for Mother's Day from my dear angel boy, Graham.

Yesterday my husband and I drove to my parents' house to spend the Mother's Day weekend with them. I was up early this morning while everyone else was still in bed. I went into the sunroom and noticed a cross-stitched picture I had made for my mother around 25 years ago. It was on the floor leaning against a furniture piece. It has a lovely verse written for mothers. As I read the verse and noticed the butterflies my tears started to flow. I realized this was no coincidence. I knew it was a message of love and appreciation for Mother's Day from my son.

When my father woke up I asked him about the picture. He said that he found the picture in his storage area and thought they should find a place to hang it. He said it had been on the sunroom floor for a couple of weeks because they couldn't decide where to hang it. I know I was meant to see it today as a message from my son on this special day.

It is the greatest comfort to know that our relationships don't end with our loved ones in spirit. They are still with us. They show us this in many different ways. Love is always and forever.

The first picture is how I found it. The second picture is a close-up so you can read the beautiful verse. The third picture is my treasured son in this same sunroom in 2007. This picture was taken just about a month before Graham passed.
Mother's Day love and blessings to us all.

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