Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Sign From Graham

Here is an amazing story about a sign from my son to Monica Hofer, a bereaved mom and facebook friend of mine, and about signs I received the same day she related this to me.  She has written a book about her journey with losing her four year old son called, "Heal My Broken Heart" (available as an Amazon Kindle book - Heal My Broken Heart).  We sent each other our books and have messaged back and forth.  

Here is Monica's description of what happened:

It is my birthday and before I left home, I told you all I would watch for a sign from the angels or Jordi... Well, I was riding the bus in to work this morning as I do every day. Was reading a poem in Claire Ann Stevenson's book, "A Mother's Tears". The poem is entitled Unrelenting Grief, at p. 73 of her book. In the first stanza she writes, "After my son died, I just cried and cried, I didn't know what to do with myself, Or where I could turn for help." I said to myself, yes, I can relate to that... where do you turn for help? Suddenly, an angelic female voice cooed, "Graham". I was floored because Graham is Claire Ann Stevenson's son's name. I was getting off at the next stop which was being announced by an automatic recording that is triggered via satellite after you leave the previous stop. She said, "Graham (then a long pause) at Garry, Winnipeg Square." I was thrilled! And have told Claire about this gift I received today, from her son, Graham. 

Also, I told Claire, maybe Jordi (my son who passed on) will bring her a gift today and that she should watch for a penny, bugs, birds or butterflies. She said she did see 2 cardinals earlier today! A chapter in my book is entitled "The Cardinal" and tells of how I watch for my one cardinal every Christmas. She received two today, on my birthday. I think that's a beautiful message that our children are together on the other side!
As a postscript, I (Claire Ann) want to add that at the same time I saw the two cardinals fly in front of my car, the old song "Everlasting Love" started playing on the car radio!  Everlasting Love (YouTube)  What a perfect song.  I feel that what happened to Monica and me are such wonderful examples of how we are all connected, here and on the other side.

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Monica Hofer said...

Thank you so much for posting my experience on my birthday, Claire. We both received messages from the other side, through sound (voice and music), sight (two beautiful red cardinals). What a blessing from our loving Father and children. <3

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