Friday, May 9, 2014

"A Mother's Tears" Is on the SPIRITED WOMAN Top 12 Mother's Day Book Pick List!

Blow the Spirited Woman trumpet! I am thrilled, excited, and delighted to announce our just released Spirited Woman Top 12 Mother's Day Pick List. Mother's Day is such a great time for inner-nurturing and gifting to mom and these authors are SO TALENTED. I urge you to support them! Find out more about their books on our website at, or go to this link: In the meantime, I want to personally salute these spirited authors for making the pick list: Zoe Dawson, Dawn Bournand, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Claire Ann Stevenson, Mary Dillin Shurtleff, Barbara McNally, Rose Gordon, Karen Keilt, Rosie Trakostanec, Linda Wolf, Jamila Thomas, Joi Johnson, Carol Scibelli

I was honored to have my book selected to be on this list.  I hope it will touch and comfort many grieving hearts.

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