Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Divine Synchronicities

Yesterday morning I was standing at my stove starting to cook my breakfast.  I turned on the light above the range top (the picture shows the light).  Occasionally this light has gone off and then come back on a few minutes later.  I have wondered if this could be my son or just something with the light.  This morning the light did something that it has never done before.  The light went off, came back on, went out, and came back on, all within a few seconds.  I immediately felt that it was my son saying good morning.  I then had the thought that this was like Morse Code and wondered if it could be another way of communicating across dimensions.  I knew that could be done by sound or light. One thing led to another.  Later during the day I remembered a movie we had seen some years back that involved communication from passed loved ones using Morse Code. 

When I mentioned all this to my husband after he got home from work he said we had that movie on DVD.  I had forgotten about the DVD.  It is called "A Rumor Of Angels."  Watch the video short of this movie that is on this link - http://www.amazon.com/A-Rumor-Angels-Vanessa-Redgrave/dp/B000065U31.  It's a remarkable movie.   We watched the end of this movie that night because I was sure this was all a message.  In the credits at the end we noticed something we didn't see before.  This movie was based on a book by a mother who lost a son in the First World War.  It is about how she and her son communicated by using Morse Code after he passed!  We found the book and have ordered it; it's available from Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Thy-Son-Liveth-Messages-Afterlife-ebook/dp/B00M2627U6/.  I am blown away.  At the end of the movie the message the woman gives the young boy is - "Don't grieve. Grief is remorse for things undone.  I'm closer to you now than I've ever been.  The ties of love continue.  I'll always be with you.  Speak with me as if you could see my face." My tears were flowing at that point.  I find it interesting too that I posted my "Always and Forever" poem yesterday to the Signs From Our Loved Ones Facebook group.  Love truly does transcend space and time. Follow the trails our loved ones give us. 

Tonight, when my husband was driving home from his commuter train station, he had SiriusXM radio on, and switched to the "40's on 4" channel. After a song played the announcer came on and said to contact them by sending an email, or to use their favorite means of communication, Morse Code. This was followed by a short clip of the sounds of Morse Code.   He was so surprised to hear this after all the Morse Code connections we experienced yesterday.  This is divine synchronicity.  We know that was our son, Graham.  God bless us all and our loved ones in spirit.

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