Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Key That Binds

Graham helped us with so many things after we moved into our new house.  This is a picture of him helping me paint the deck.  I miss the companionship and fun that we had spending time together.  He was my son, and my friend.

Your death has taken a heavy toll,
I feel so lost without the role,
Of mother to my wonderful son,
Adviser, friend and companion.

My energy is not the same,
It’s slower now and laced with pain,
A heaviness lies within my heart,
Now that we are physically apart.

I am working hard every day,
To understand my life this way,
I am weary and want the faith,
That your death was no mistake.

With God’s holy grace,
Take away my heartache,
Only love I want to feel,
Help my broken heart to heal.

To remember and be grateful for,
Every year we had before,
You crossed over to the other side,
In peace and harmony to abide.

Together still, but differently,
Help me to more clearly see,
That we are bound beyond constraints of time,
Because love is the key that binds.

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