Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sometimes my chest is heavy and I can’t breathe,
Everything starts to seize,
My heart hurts and I start to cry,
Wondering why you had to die.

Heartache is not just a term,
As I have sadly come to learn,
It’s painful and it’s real,
A hurt you pray one day will heal.

So often scars do not show,
Others may never know,
The pain in varying degrees,
That one may carry that we don’t see.

Your death has opened my eyes,
To anguish that can be inside,
And how many people there are,
Bearing similar scars.

Loss makes you understand much more,
Than you ever could before,
It rips you open and makes you bleed,
More compassionate to those in need.

 Underneath we are all the same,
No one lives without any pain,
Let me in love reach out,
Helping others in darkness and doubt.

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