Monday, December 21, 2009

Night Sky

Night Sky

My husband and I,
Sleep underneath a beautiful night sky,
Painted on the ceiling above our bed,
As we gaze directly overhead.

A September sky with a lovely full moon,
And shining stars that fill up our room,
The Aries constellation is painted there too,
Our son’s Zodiac sign for us to view.

The sky as it was on the night he died,
Painted by his friend with an artistic eye,
With a line from a poem painted on one end,
A memorial written by my dear friend.

It comforts me as I go to sleep at night,
And when I wake with the morning light,
Our son is never very far,
Our bright and shining golden star.


He was a bright and shining star,
I could see his reflection in your eyes,
Now he runs across the night,
His magic lights up the skies.

Vivian West

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! God bless u & ur family. What a great friend!!!!

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