Friday, September 3, 2010

Catapulted Into Grief

My entire world came crashing down,
In seconds, without a sound,
The morning we received a call,
That you had died in a fall.

I was stunned, shocked, in disbelief,
Catapulted into grief;
We had just been on the phone,
Making plans for you to come home.

 I felt as if I'd been attacked,
Like a knife was in my back,
I could feel my heart literally breaking,
As I sat, torn and aching.

So many dreams were destroyed,
When you died, my precious boy,
A future without you to share,
Is more than I think I can bear.

Our family is forever changed,
Everything is rearranged,
How do I go on without you,
And all the love that we knew?

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