Monday, September 6, 2010

My Taj Mahal

If it were possible I would build you a Taj Mahal,
A magnificent monument for one and all,
A structure of beauty and inspiration,
To celebrate love for all generations.

My love for you finds expression in poems,
Writing them helps me not feel so alone,
Giving words to the love we share,
Keeps me from giving into despair.

A book of my poetry has come to be,
Words flowing for others to see,
My Taj Mahal on a smaller scale,
A testimony that love never fails.

A gift in celebration of love and life,
Despite loss, anguish, and strife,
You are gone but your light still shines,
Brilliantly glowing for all time. 

     I didn't know eighteen months ago when I wrote my first poem where it would lead.  I have now written over two hundred poems.  Given the volume of poems and the hope that they might be of benefit to others, they are in the process of being published.  The book should be out sometime in November.  It is entitled, A Mother's Tears (Poems of Heartbreak, Loss, and Discovery).  I continue to be amazed and grateful with this unfoldment of poetry. 

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Loraine Ritchey said...

I am pleased that your poems will continued to be shared- my thoughts are with you and those that walk the sisterhood of losing the "light of the son"- I wish I could say things for us are easier they aren't thank you for sharing your soul Loraine

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